TeHyBug is a low power WiFi environmental data logger designed to provide comprehensive data logging capabilities for your smart home. With its advanced features, TeHyBug makes it easy to collect and monitor a wide range of environmental data, including temperature, humidity, and air quality, among others.
If you're looking for a powerful and reliable data logger for your smart home, TeHyBug is the ideal choice. And with our cloud storage service, you can easily store and access your sensor data from anywhere in the world.

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Upload your sensor data to the cloud.

View and analyze your sensor data in charts. Share your datacharts with others.

Compatible with Thingspeak, Blynk, Domoticz, IFTTT, etc.

Receive alerts with sensor data on your mobile phone.

Low power consumption (20uA in sleep mode), can be powered with batteries.

Fully customizable data serving methods: http post or get request, mqtt, oled display, web server etc.

Measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and quality, uv or ambient light.

Indoor, outdoor and waterproof sensors available for different needs.

The Devices

CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric air pressure, Oled Display, MQTT, HTTP, WIFI, Smarthome, IoT
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IoT relay controllable trough WIFI, compatible with tasmota homeassistant integration. MQTT, HTTP, WIFI
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Waterproof, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Air Pressure, UV, ambient light index, MQTT, HTTP, WIFI, Low Power, Smarthome, IoT, Outdoor, Fishtank, Fridge
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CC2652P based Zigbee coordinator dongle with ser2net support up to 700m communication distance for zigbee2mqtt and homeassistant
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WS2812/SK6812 Neopixel driver, Smarthome, IoT
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Universal board for battery powered operations support all type of sensors and messures Temperature, Humidity, Barometric air pressure, UV Light, Ambient Light, Dew Point, MQTT, HTTP, WIFI, Low Power, Smarthome, IoT
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